Meet the Therapy Dogs!

Spotlighted by Rehab Connections

Ace and Bolt
Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) helps patients with pain, weakness, high blood pressure, balance problems, decreased attention span, difficulty walking, and other problems. Many patients and their family members tell us it helps them just to visit the Therapy Dogs.

Ace and Bolt are involved in therapy sessions in many ways and their special talents include hugs, quiet comfort, and boisterous greetings. They can provide assistance or resistance for strengthening and balance training. They participate in therapeutic activities that help posture, endurance, and breathing. They often teach US what they can do in physical therapy!
Ace and Bolt joined our team at Rehab Connections physical therapy as 8 week old puppies. They work at our Homer Glen clinic 3 days a week.

Learn more about Animal Assisted Therapy in our virtual workshop!"


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