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What exactly are "ethics"?  When do you know if it is an ethical dilemma vs illegal or fraudulent?  Healthcare professionals are faced with challenges every day, those that question our ethical delivery of patient care can be very stressful. This new interactive, morning workshop is an ideal way to get your questions answered and your credit at the same time!

The PT Administrative Code of our Illinois Physical Therapy Act indicates that 3 hours of PT/PTA continuing education required for licensure renewal "must include content related to the ethical practice of physical therapy" and the Administrative Code of the Illinois Occupational Therapy Practice Act indicates "in each renewal period, one contact hour shall include a course in ethics".

Instruction level: Basic
CE contact hours: 3.0 (IL) *** Duration 2.5 hours
Intended audience: PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs



By the completion of the workshop the participant will be able to correctly:

  1. Appropriately apply principles of the Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist to challenges in clinical practice.
  2. Differentiate abuse from fraud.
  3. Identify key resources related to ethical principles and professionalism in physical therapy or occupational therapy.

Implicit Bias Awareness Training


According to the Administrative Code, Section 1130.500 "all health care professionals who hold a professional license listed in this Section (this includes all PT and OT professionals) shall complete a one-hour course in implicit bias awareness training. Implicit bias is a form of bias that occurs automatically and unintentionally, that nevertheless affects judgments, decisions, and behaviors."

So how does this apply to PT and OT overall clinical practice and day-to-day patient care? Does implicit bias influence how we develop treatment plans or interpret and apply scientific studies? If implicit bias is automatic or unconscious, how do we recognize it?

Join us for this relevant and unique educational event -- it's more than information, this is training to acquire an important awareness skill!

Instruction level: Basic
CE contact hours: 4.0 (IL) *** Duration 3.3 hours
Intended audience: PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs



By the completion of the workshop the participant will be able to correctly:

  1. Recognize a variety of biases particularly those that are implicit or unconscious.
  2. Describe increased self-awareness of implicit biases that may impact the clinician-patient relationship and subsequent treatment outcomes.

IMPORTANT! 2-3 days prior to the CE event, you will receive your CE materials and Zoom registration link by email. This gives you the opportunity to preview, download or print, save, and refer back to the information at any time. If you do not receive your CE material please contact us before the day of the course or workshop.

Course Presenter

Sheryl Poremba, PT, CCM
Sheryl focuses on the practical, most direct treatments for her patients to see immediate results.  Her exceptional clinical experience and teaching background enables her to actively involve her patients in their treatment program.  Sheryl has used several key tools/props extensively in acute care, home health, and outpatient settings, including a variety of foam rolls, the Magic Circle, yoga blocks, straps, and STM tools.  She has introduced them to hundreds of clinicians during the last 30 years to help them individualize treatment with every patient.

With a strong foundation in PNF from Northwestern University (PT school) and the Institute of Physical Art, Sheryl has added the Pilates Method and principles of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons to her rehab, exercise, and movement repertoire.  She has also been incorporating  ... 

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After the event and when your Evaluation has been completed you will receive an email containing your Certificate of Attendance indicating the CE contact hours completed.  If you are unable to attend the entire course or workshop, you will receive an amended certificate indicating your actual hours of attendance.

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Rehab Connections is an approved continuing education sponsor through the State of Illinois; PT License No: 216-000101; OT License No: 224-000048.

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